In a world of bustle, noise, and ado,
Where moments fleeting, bid us adieu,
We dance to the tune of life's grand parade,
Lost in the clamor our choices have made.

Through the cacophony, we strive to find,
A purpose, a meaning, to which we bind.
In the midst of ado, we search for peace,
A quiet surrender, a sweet release.

Amid the ado, a whisper so soft,
A melody that lifts us aloft.
A gentle breeze, through the chaos it weaves,
Bringing solace to hearts that it perceives.

Oh, how we yearn for the tender embrace,
Of silence and calm, in this frantic race.
To find our center, and let go of strife,
To cherish the moments that make up life.

So listen, dear friend, for the quiet plea,
Amid the ado, let your spirit be free.
For in the stillness, you'll find your reprieve,
In the heart of the chaos, a chance to believe.

Francois Carrillo